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The Go Fund Me Campaign Details

Calling all music lovers, parents of music students, potential parents of music students and general patrons of the arts! The Rios Music Project has found a new home in Carlsbad, Ca and is ready to expand to more your students in the community.

About us:

The Rios Music Project was started in our garage as a place for girls between the ages of 8-13 to come and learn multiple rock and roll instruments, write their own music, and perform as bands.

I am a skilled musician with the ability to teach young kids music in fun way utilizing creativity games and challenges. I also encourage my students to think outside the box on a regular basis by writing their own songs, re-writing popular songs, taking a song from one genre to another, and more.

In a typical one hour lesson, students are encouraged to work towards the mastery of at least 3 different instruments. They can choose from bass, guitar, drums, piano, ukelele, cello, and voice. Groups of students learn the same set of 4-5 songs then come together regularly as a group to perform as a band.

Our current situation:

I truly believe that this program has wings, and is ready to take flight! The existing Rios Music Project students are ready for a larger, more professional space to grow into. New students will benefit from the additional hours, teachers, and instruments they can borrow. With the support of the community, we can create something special.

Please take a look at the ways to become a patron. There are some fun perks!


$50 and Receive a Rios Music Project Hoodie and your name on the Patron Wall Of Fame in the new studio

$200 and receive the above PLUS a recording session in the new studio

$500 and receive the above PLUS a songwriting workshop before your recording session

$2500 and receive the above PLUS a 12 MONTHS OF PRIVATE WEEKLY LESSONS FOR YOUR STUDENT! This is a great deal because your support will keep the program running while saving you a little bit on lessons at the same time.


What comes first, melody or lyrics? How does an idea become a whole song? How do you know if your song is any good? Get creative with this fun songwriting class at the Rios Music Project Studios