Red Hand is one of the much more rock-based bands at RIOS. With much influence from bands like Nirvana and Weezer, this band loves really hitting it home with their own punky style. All the members love playing this genre of grunge rock making them an overall really solid group.


The Swell is a band project that started with more folk covers but as it's grown it's members now love to play more alternative Indie songs.  With airy vocals and down to earth instrumentals, this band gives off a Cali Coast Vibe.


The name refers to a condition in which you see sound as color, and this band strives to bring new color and new energy into all the songs they play. With strong piano elements, layered vocals, and fantastic percussive roots, not to mention the soft drone of the cello, Synesthesia is a Rios favorite. 


The Flash Band consists of 4 talented kids who love to rotate instruments, share the lead singer role, back each other up and generally share their talents equally throughout the band. This makes them a very fun band to watch!


Running Wild is our newest Rios band and we are excited to see how they develop! They focus on mostly acoustic songs with nostalgia and harmony.