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Skills classes here at Rios consist of small groups and focus on either a single topic such as Voice or Piano, or are titled "Stepping Stones" classes which cover more than one instrument in each class and focus on social musicianship. They are all one hour in length, and can consist of 3-6 kids in each class. The monthly tuition for skills class is $160 and it covers 5 classes per month. Kids can come to their regular class such as Stepping Stones 2, and add an additional enrichment class such as Piano 1 to add some interested to their overall curriculum.

Private Lesson Registration

Private lessons are a great way to advance musically with optimal focus. Most kids eventually graduate to a stepping stones class, or a band. However their time in the private lesson setting is invaluable in preparing them for the larger group setting. We offer 30-Minute or 1-Hour lessons. Tuition is either $160 per month or $260 respectively. Links to register for lessons are below, however do not register unless you have had an assessment with the director first so she can place you in the best possible spot.

Hello! My name is Fernando Kairuz and I love complex rhythms and I love to rock. I teach guitar, ukulele, bass, drums and ensemble. I have been teaching for 10 years now and I like to focus on what the students want to learn and keep them engaged and hungry for more. I started playing music at age 10 in Buenos Aires, Argentina where I grew up. I enjoy leading band practice and teaching individuals at the RMP studios because of the supportive and creative environment here.