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We offer group classes at an affordable rate for students of all ages and levels. The class descriptions and details are listed below. All group classes are $45 for a drop in, or you can purchase a series of 5 classes for $160. Students who are placed in a RIOS Band can attend UNLIMITED skills classes. During the Summer Months, one series of classes will extend from Mid May to Mid August, and you can schedule your child's classes for the whole summer.

rios music project ukulele lessons ukulele class

Stepping Stones 1

This class is geared towards preschool and kindergarten age kids. We will explore music, rhythm, movement and singing. Parents can join in the last 15 minutes to learn some musical activities and games to do at home with their kids.

rios music project ukulele lessons ukulele class

Stepping Stones 2

This is a pre-band class perfect for the 1st through 3rd grade mini musicians. We will cover the basics of ukulele, drums, vocals, piano and singing. There will be an emphasis on learning songs from start to finish with a performance goal at the end of the quarter.

rios music project music class for young children

Guitar 1

Perfect for the student who is just starting out on guitar. Emphasis will be on mastering the basic chords and strumming patters, as well as building songbook of favorites.Skills covered include simple chords, strumming patterns, tempo and groove. We will create a custom songbook for each class to take home for practice. Students will learn how to tune and care for their instrument. No previous guitar experience necessary. Ages 7-9

Guitar 2

Perfect for the students who have their basic chords down and are ready for song exploration.

Rios Music Piano Group Class

Piano 1

This group class is perfect for the student who is interested in starting piano for the first time, or just brushing up on their skills.

Rios Music Piano Group Class

Piano 2

This fun, semi-private lesson will consist of 3 students each on their own piano. Students will be introduced to contemporary songs, classical music, theory and technique in a creative atmosphere.

Vocal 1

Perfect for the student who loves to sing and would like to grow their range, technique and repertoire.

Voice 2

This fun group is great for students who are ready to start learning harmony, lead singing, band performance and or musical theatre performance.

Percussion 1

Perfect for the student who is interested in learning drums. No previous drum experience necessary. All kinds of fun percussion techniques and skills will be covered.

Percussion 2

Perfect for the student who has chosen to focus on the drums as their main instrument and is ready to take their skills to the next level.

Bass 1

Perfect for the student who is interested in, or is just starting out on bass. No previous experience required. We will focus on bass skills while allowing time to explore other instruments as well.


Bass 2

Perfect for the student who has chosen bass as their main instrument and is ready to take it to the next level.


Songwriting 1

This class is great for the student who is curious about writing their own works of art for the first time. The class will have an emphasis on songwriting, while allowing for exploration around the studio and all the instruments in it.


Songwriting 2

Perfect who for the student who loves songwriting and would like to take it to the next level. We will cover the nuts and bolts of songwriting, poetry, lyrics, music theory and groove. We will also record and build a Soundcloud account for each student containing all their original works.


Audio/Visual 1

This fun class will introduce students to the technology behind the music. Topics covered include graphic design, web design, Garage Band, Logic Pro, photography and videography.




Amy Hartman

RIOS Music Teacher: Piano, Voice, Guitar

Amy Hartman is a  Rios Music Project Teacher and Band Leader. She is also the lead singer of the L.A based band Dragster Barbie. She has her B.A in Music History from the University of Pepperdine and has completed a 2-year course in Pop Composition at the Grove School of Music in Los Angeles. She also as developed and taught original music method for primary aged children as part of the Malibu Juan Cabrillo after school program.




Julie Chambers

School Director and Teacher: Guitar, Bass, Piano, Voice, Drums

Hello! My name is Julie Chambers and I am an experienced musician with a love of teaching. I am the mother to 2 musical children, and enjoy teaching people of all ages and abilities. I teach many instruments and I feel they all overlap, enhancing the students artistic abilities.



Kevin Erskine

RIOS Teacher: Guitar, Bass, Voice, Piano, Songwriting

Hi! My name is Kevin Erskine and I am a singer-songwriter from San Diego whose music is a folk/jazz blend of heartfelt lyrics and infectious melodies. In 2014, I graduated from the prestigious Berklee College of Music and I have performed in notable venues such as Carnegie Hall. I love to teach all ages and encourages my students to be creative and expressive with their music. Under my instruction, students can look forward to learning a variety of instruments while furthering their depth of knowledge in theory and musicality.


Inquire directly with the director: (805) 300 2037

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There are 5 bands projects currently underway at the Rios Music Project Studios. Red Hand, The Swell, The Flash, Synesthesia and Running Wild. All bands consist of musicians between ages 12 and 18. Students collaborate on creative renditions of their favorite covers as well as create their own works of art.

music lesson for kids
Synesthesia, A Rios Band Project


New and existing students are welcome to audition for a RIOS band each semester, or on a rolling basis as the needs arise. They perform each month at the end of their monthly 3 hour performance workshop. They also perform at two large community events: RMP Summer Fest in Carlsbad and the Student Performing Arts Collaboration in Oceanside. Band members can take unlimited skills classes here at the studio which helps them grow their skills. With the guidance of an experienced RIOS teacher and band mentor, they receive advanced instruction within their practice session. They also hone their live performance skills, and have fun with their friends! Students are placed into bands by ability level (beginning -advanced) are expected to commit to coming to band practices and performances within each quarter.


Any students interested in band are encouraged to come in to meet the director. If there is an immediate need and the levels match up students can be placed in a band right away. If not they can take Stepping Stones 4 classes which are pre-band and teach all the necessary skills for a successful band audition.



A compilation of songs written and recorded by RIOS students at our Carlsbad studio. Students studied chord progressions, keys, patterns, and dynamic. They then created melodies to float over their guitar, ukulele or piano compositions. Once they had their format, they added words, harmonies, beats,  guitar solos and headed into the studio to lay it all down. 


Each quarter RIOS students perform for their friends and family at at showcase somewhere in the North County community. They all perform songs from that quarters theme. Fall is 80's and 90's, Winter is Love Songs, and Spring is 60's and 70's.


We celebrate summertime here at RIOS with Surf Rock Camp! Students come in at 9 for 2 hours of music instruction with a focus on classic surf rock tunes such as Pipeline and Wipeout. We also cover iconic bands such as The Beach Boys and some 90's surf punk.  at 11:00 the students head out to South Carlsbad State Beach for 2 hours of surfing with some of San Diego's best lifeguards. They return to the studio at 1 for lunch and more music.