Music Teacher | Program Director

Julie Chambers

Program Director | Music Teacher

Hello! My name is Julie Chambers and I am an experienced musician with a love of teaching. I am the mother to 2 musical children, and enjoy teaching people of all ages and abilities. I teach many instruments and I feel they all overlap, enhancing the students artistic abilities.

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Amy Hartman

Teacher: Piano, Guitar, Voice, Songwriting 

Amy Hartman is a  Rios Music Project Teacher and Band Leader. She is also the lead singer of the L.A based band Dragster Barbie. She has her B.A in Music History from the University of Pepperdine and has completed a 2-year course in Pop Composition at the Grove School of Music in Los Angeles. She also as developed and taught original music method for primary aged children as part of the Malibu Juan Cabrillo after school program.

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Jake Sherriett

Teacher: Drums, Guitar, Bass, Vocals, Songwriting

Jake is an experienced musician, teacher, and songwriter. He teaches full-time music at Paul Ecke Elementary School In Leucadia, and mentors kids at RIOS in the areas of drums, guitar, piano, bass, and songwriting. He loves inspiring children to try new musical instruments and to help them excel at their favorites. 

Guitar, Bass, Drums, Ukulele Piano, Songwriting, Recording

Fernando Kairuz

Teacher: Guitar, Bass, Drums, Piano, Songwriting

Hello! My name is Fernando Kairuz and I love complex rhythms and I love to rock. I teach guitar, ukulele, bass, drums and ensemble. I have been teaching for 10 years now and I like to focus on what the students want to learn and keep them engaged and hungry for more. I started playing music at age 10 in Buenos Aires, Argentina where I grew up. I enjoy leading band practice and teaching individuals at the RIOS Music Project because of the supportive and creative environment here.


Lara Heck

Teacher: Violin

Lara began playing violin 18 years ago and loves sharing musical education with others. She continues to study privately and currently performs with the MiraCosta College Symphony Orchestra First Violin section. 
Guitar, Bass, Drums, Piano, Songwriting

Jaime Chambers

Teacher: Guitar, Bass, Ukulele Drums, Piano, Songwriting

Jaime fell in love with music at age 7 when his parents bought him a guitar with 1 string on it. He taught himself his first bass line on a long road trip with his family through Humboldt County. Needless to say, the radio was not working. He joined his first surf rock band at age 12, which he devoted himself to when he wasn’t out surfing.

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Teacher: Guitar, Mandolin, Vocals, Songwriting

Ian McCartor

Teacher: Guitar, Mandolin, Vocals Songwriting, Piano, Recording

Ian McCartor is a RIOS teacher specializing in guitar, mandolin, vocals, piano and songwriting. He has traveled back and forth from California to Europe and South America for the past several years to incorporate different styles and flavors of the world into his music 
Teacher: Guitar, Vocals, Songwriting

Deblois Millege

Teacher: Drums and Percussion

Deblios Millege is a Music Teacher and Band Leader at the Rios Music Project. She is also the lead singer of the local North County San Diego band The Boundary Birds. Here is some info about Deblois:
DeBlois / (de-bloys) / Milledge
An American singer/songwriter whose influences include Lucinda Williams, Etta James, Kieth Richards and Carol King. Her distinctive voice is comfortable and loved. Her original songs are featured in the PBS documentary Escape to Dreamland about the legendary road built through the swamps connecting Miami and Tampa in the early part of the century. A South Florida native, DeBlois lives in San Diego now where her primary focus is writing and performing with The Boundary Birds..