Music Teacher | Program Director

Julie Chambers

Program Director | Music Teacher

Hello! My name is Julie Chambers and I am an experienced musician with a love of teaching. I am the mother to 2 musical children, and enjoy teaching people of all ages and abilities. I teach many instruments and I feel they all overlap, enhancing the students artistic abilities.

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Amy Hartman

Teacher: Piano, Guitar, Voice, Songwriting 

Amy Hartman is a  Rios Music Project Teacher and Band Leader. She is also the lead singer of the L.A based band Dragster Barbie. She has her B.A in Music History from the University of Pepperdine and has completed a 2-year course in Pop Composition at the Grove School of Music in Los Angeles. She also as developed and taught original music method for primary aged children as part of the Malibu Juan Cabrillo after school program.

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Teacher: Piano, Guitar, Bass, Voice, Songwriting

Kevin Erskine

Teacher: Piano, Guitar, Bass, Voice, Songwriting

Hi! My name is Kevin Erskine and I am a singer-songwriter from San Diego whose music is a folk/jazz blend of heartfelt lyrics and infectious melodies. In 2014, I graduated from the prestigious Berklee College of Music and I have performed in notable venues such as Carnegie Hall. I love to teach all ages and encourages my students to be creative and expressive with their music. Under my instruction, students can look forward to learning a variety of instruments while furthering their depth of knowledge in theory and musicality. 

Jake Sherriett

Teacher: Drums, Guitar, Bass, Vocals, Songwriting

Jake is an experienced musician, teacher, and songwriter. He teaches full-time music at Paul Ecke Elementary School In Leucadia, and mentors kids at RIOS in the areas of drums, guitar, piano, bass, and songwriting. He loves inspiring children to try new musical instruments and to help them excel at their favorites. 


Christian Love

Teacher: Guitar, Bass, Band Coach

 I enjoy teaching bass, vocals guitar and songwriting. Its fun to pass along years of experience of playing live and also what I've learned writing, recording and producing songs in the studio. I think you get something different from playing live than you do locked down in the studio. Being in the studio teaches you discipline and playing live gives you the joy of connecting with people. I love working with kids and nurturing the talents they have as they grow into artists.

Ian Chartrand

Teacher: Guitar, Piano, Voice, Band Coach

Hi I'm Ian and I'm from southern California. I love my family, teaching music, the ocean and natural open spaces! I have grown up listening to all kinds of music and even if it means just snapping and clapping I love to part of a jam. 
I love teaching because knowledge, wisdom and experience can be gifts that get passed to us that we can then pass along to others. Teaching is at it's most rewarding when I see a student light up and employ what they learn with me in their life and pass it along to others along the way. I am always learning and do my best to stay in that space because there is always more to learn and to share. I try to think of music itself as the teacher and of myself as a fellow student that has just been at it a little longer than the kids I teach.