Program Overview


About Me

julieWith over 20 years of professional band experience, and raising my own kids in a musical environment, I have developed a system of teaching that differs from most traditional programs. In a 1 hour lesson, students are encouraged to learn at least 3 instruments. All students learn the same set of songs depending on their skill level, and then either weekly or monthly they all come together and play as a group. This is social musicianship, and encourages the kids to keep practicing while having fun with their friends.

I started this project to provide a place for kids to come and grow into talented musicians with a broad range of skills. I teach drums, bass, guitar, vocals, cello, ukelele and performance skills. In a typical one hour lesson, a student will play at least 2 of their favorite instruments. In addition learning their instrument of choice, all lessons include creativity exercises, rhythm training, listening skills and performance skills. Song choices are a combination of the students picks and some of my own that think will provide a opportunity for growth. For someone who has yet to discover their favorites, they will have a chance to try them all on for size.

Private 1 Hour Lessons

gallery-6I lead these intensive sessions where students are able to browse the entire collection of instruments and receive instruction on any that catch their interest. I encourage each student to learn at least 3 instruments, while exercising  the the rhythmic and creative aspects of their minds. Students bring their own songs to learn, and I help them discover their own style, eventually leading to them writing their own songs. They play cover songs they love, paired with some classics that I think will help them grow as musicians. After 8 private lessons, they are welcome to also join one of the Rios Music Project Bands with their age group and play with their peers.

Cost: $45/ 1 Hour Lesson


Sunday Music  Class: 5-7 year olds/Families

IMG_02881 hour group music lessons. Students start with the shaker, light drums, guitar, ukelele and singing, and move up to full sized instruments as they are ready.

Cost: $30/lesson

Sunday Group Band Meet-Up: 8-9 Year Olds

IMG_0601Students who have taken at least 8 private lessons can join a Rios Music Project band . The 8-9 year olds will have a band meet-up on Sunday from 1-2:30.  With the guidance of a teacher,  they play cover songs,  write their own original songs, play shows and more.
Cost: $30/group lesson

Weekday Band Meet-Ups: 10-13 year olds

ShowcaseStudents who have taken at least 8 private lessons can join an after school band that practices once a week. The 10-13 year olds can choose to come either Monday, Wednesday or Friday from 5:30-7:00.  With the guidance of a music teacher they play cover songs, write their own original songs, play shows and and more.

Cost: $30/group lesson

Adult Group Music Class: Thursdays 12:30-1:30

Grow your skills on guitar, bass, drums and singing. Instruments are provided or bring your own, and meet-ups are once a week. Optional showcase a fall winter an spring.

Cost: $30/session



Private Lesson Cost: $45/hour
Split Lesson Cost: $30/each/hour

After School Group Lessons: $30/session

Adult Groups: $30/hour

How To Pay
Monthly Billing via Pay Pal

Cash payments for “Drop-In’s can be placed in a designated envelope in the band garage