These are fun yet intensive sessions where students are encouraged to explore the full range of instruments and discover the connections between them. Ultimately, students are encouraged to learn at least 3 instruments, while exercising the rhythmic and creative aspects of their minds. The movement through the various areas of the RMP studio helps keep students engaged with learning and maximizes their exposure to the world of music. Theory, technique, and practice drills are woven into the lesson and sent home in their folder for home practice.



New and existing students are welcome to audition for a RIOS band each quarter. Band members receive a 1-hour private lesson a month and have a 1-hour band practice on the weekend. With the guidance of an experienced RIOS teacher and band mentor, they receive advanced instruction on all the band instruments within their practice session. They also hone their live performance skills, and have fun with their friends! Students are placed into bands by ability level (beginning -advanced) are expected to commit to coming to band practices and performances within each quarter.