4 Private RIOS Music Lessons/Month

Monthly Tuition: $240

These are fun yet intensive sessions where students flow through the 4 RMP Music Studios and work on something new in each one. In studio 1 they can choose from piano, ukulele, guitar, bass or signing. Studio 2 is dedicated to drums and percussion. Studio 3 has keyboard, audio recording, ukulele, bass and guitar. Studio 4 is our Songwriting Lounge where students will learn a systematic approach to writing original songs. Ultimately, students are encouraged to learn at least 3 instruments, while exercising  the the rhythmic and creative aspects of their minds. The movement through the studio helps keep them engaged with learning and maximizes their exposure to the world of music.

Instruments to choose from:

Acoustic Guitar
Electric Guitar
Bass Guitar

We encourage students to take these private lessons as an opportunity to receive one on one instruction. If they would like to bring a friend, or share a lesson with a sibling, please clear it with the director in advance.

For families that want to all learn together, please see our Family Music Class.

4 Band Practices + 1 Private Lesson +1 Performance/Month

Monthly Tuition: $240

After 4-8 private lessons students are welcome to audition for a RIOS band. These 4-5 person bands practice for 1.5 hours every week, receive 1 private lesson a week, and perform each month in the community.  With the guidance of 2 music teachers, they receive advanced instruction on all the band instruments within their practice session. They also hone their live performance skills, and have fun with their friends! There are 3 levels in the RIOS band program. Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced. Please talk with an instructor about an audition for your student.

Musical styles covered:

Classic Rock (50's-60's)
Current Top 40 hits
Modern Rock

Original song writing is a practiced skill that we incorporate into every lesson we teach!

Sip and Sing

$60/Couple $45/Person

Ready to jam? Get comfortable singing and playing in a group setting. A weekday evening group class featuring wine and lots of classic rock. Come by after work to relax and sing with your friends.This fun event will take place on the first Friday of each month, from 7-8 p.m. and there will be a maximum of 10 guests per Sip and Sing. Reserve your space now by texting Julie at 805-300-2037!

Family Music


Bring your kids with you for an hour of family music instruction. You will all have a blast while working on growing a set of songs you can play together as a family. Parents will have a chance to grow their guitar and or ukulele skills, sing harmonies and more. Kids will get to showcase their creativity with art and music in a fun family environment.